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Leadership Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH) Program

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Leadership Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH) Program


Tina Simpson, MD, MPH
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The goal of UAB LEAH is to recruit professionals at the graduate and post- graduate levels to engage in interdisciplinary leadership training, research, and service that is adolescent centered/ family involved, culturally competent, and community-based for adolescents and their families in a wide geographic area.


UAB LEAH strives to improve the health status of adolescents, particularly those in the southeastern region of the U.S. through interdisciplinary education of adolescent health professionals in a model center of excellence in training, research, and service.


We offer a comprehensive curriculum with clinical, didactic, research, and experiential training for short, intermediate, and long-term trainees/fellows in the following disciplines: medicine, nursing, nutrition, psychology, and social work. Each long-term fellow/trainee receives a monthly stipend and semester tuition/fees reimbursement.


Faculty and fellows are actively engaged in clinical and policy research and development on issues such as adolescent preventive health care, delinquency, complementary medicine, child and family adjustment, nutrition and physical activity, and sexual health.


Clinical services are offered at Children’s of Alabama in the William A. Daniel Adolescent Health Center, Children’s Center for Weight Management, UAB Family Clinic, and area juvenile correctional care centers. Faculty and trainees also provide services to community based programs that focus on adolescent health as well as technical assistance to area, regional, and national Maternal and Child Health organizations and agencies.


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Trainees' Stories

Photo of six LEAH Trainees

2015-2016 LEAH Trainees
(left to right) Kathryn Wooldridge, RDN (Nutrition); Margaux Barnes, PhD (Psychology); Kelsey Schilling, BA (Social Work); Erin Boyd, MD (Medicine); Bethany Walker, RN (Nursing); Carly Chason, RDN (Nutrition)

Rebekah Savage, MD

Rebekah Savage, MD
LEAH Medicine Trainee 2013-2016

"In the multidisciplinary clinic that is a part of the LEAH Training Program, I am able to learn from colleagues in psychology, social work, nursing, and dietetics in the co-management of patients with complex medical and psychosocial needs.  This experience has provided a wonderful training opportunity for me."

Imelda Reyes, DNP, MPH, CPNP, FNP-BC

Imelda Reyes, DNP, MPH, CPNP, FNP-BC
LEAH Nursing Trainee 2013-2014

"Being able to participate in adolescent specific content and get a better understanding of adolescent issues has been great.  Also working in an interprofessional team was a great environment.  Everyone always discusses the importance of Interprofessional Education, but this was the first time that I was able to work so closely with the other disciplines and to get their first hand recommendations on individual cases.”

Jasmine Ruffin

Jasmine Ruffin
LEAH Social Work Trainee 2014-2015

"I hope that through LEAH I will enhance my leadership skills and utilize the multidisciplinary framework to gain diverse skills and perspectives on adolescent psychological, medical, nutritional, and social health."