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Pediatric Pulmonary Center (PPC)

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Pediatric Pulmonary Center (PPC)


Claire Lenker, LCSW, CCM
Phone: 205-638-9583
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The UAB PPC has been continuously funded since 1978. Each year, our goal is to train at least one pediatric pulmonary fellow; at least five long-term (3-12 months) masters- or doctoral-level nurses, nutritionists, respiratory therapists, and social workers; and at least 30 medium- and short-term trainees. Masters- and doctoral-level long-term trainees receive a monthly stipend for a maximum of 12 months and tuition/fees reimbursement. Additionally, a fund is available to long-term trainees to defray travel costs to required home visits and/or to continuing education events of the trainees' choosing (as approved by the faculty).


To develop leaders who will promote comprehensive, coordinated, family centered, and culturally sensitive systems of health care to improve the health of children and youth with respiratory conditions.


Interdisciplinary long term traineeships of at least 300 hours of clinical and didactic experience for graduate and post-graduate health professionals in pulmonary medicine, nursing, nutrition, respiratory care/health education, and social work are available. Individualized traineeships of shorter duration are available as well.


PPC faculty and trainees pursue basic science and clinical research related to pediatric lung diseases.


PPC faculty and trainees provide clinical services to children through the Children's Health System and UAB Department of Pediatrics.

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Project Photos

PPC Program

2002-2003 PPC Trainees - Rookie Gage (RN), Monica Stalling (RT), Amy Coody (SW), Mario Quiambao (RT), Sue Deshpande (NUT), and Katrina Davenport (SW)

9/23/15 MCH Trainees Networking & Brainstorming Session – the UAB Edge of Chaos

Future Leaders: Bridgett, Haley and Sarah: 2007-08 UAB PPC Trainees

2012-2013 PPC Trainees (left to right) Shelley Lauderdale, RN; Camilla Gaines, SW; Melanie Jones, RD; Jabril Cooper, RT; Haley Beech, SW

Trainees' Stories

PPC Program

I think the Faculty is exceptional (very nice, very helpful, provided guidance, challenged me).

Laurie Finger
Nurse Trainee, 2009

I truly enjoyed my time at the PPC and I can say in no uncertain terms that it is because of the UAB PPC program (and mentors) that I now have my dream job at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. I would recommend this program to any student who is to work within the pediatric field…

Kim Baxter, RD, MS, LDN, CSP
Nutrition Trainee, 2007-2008
Pediatric Pulmonary Nutritionist, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

The PPC opened my eyes to the world of research. I really did not know much about it until I became a trainee. Now, it’s what I do every day with patients who have Cystic Fibrosis. I am truly thankful for my time in the PPC and the doors that it opened for me!

Katie Brand, MAE
PPC RT Trainee 2013/2014, Clinical Trials Administrator