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Maternal & Child Health Policy & Leadership Program
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Maternal & Child Health Policy & Leadership Program


Martha S. Wingate, DrPH
Phone: 205-934-6783
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The UAB MCH Policy & Leadership Program has been continuously funded since 1983. Since 2014, an average of 29 students per semester have been trained and, of those, an average of 62% have received supplemental funding in the form of stipends, tuition assistance, and travel assistance. Paid Graduate Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships are available to students, as well.


To prepare present and future MCH leaders to promote, preserve, and enhance the health of children, families, and communities.


Online and in-person training opportunities are available for masters- and doctoral-level studies in maternal and child public health, with a focus on developing and integrating skills from maternal and child health, health policy, and leadership to solve problems and develop systems.


Faculty and students pursue research topics such as preterm/low birthweight, racial and ethnic disparities in MCH outcomes, early childhood development, children with disabilities and special health care needs and their families. Opportunities for hands-on, practical research experiences are available.


Opportunities exist for student participation in on-site consultation and technical assistance provided to national, state, and local MCH-related organizations and agencies. In addition, the student-led MCH SAGE organization (Student Association for Graduate Education) provides opportunities to participate in MCH-related seminars, community service activities, fundraising, and social events.

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Trainees' Stories

SPH Program

SPH Stories

Evelyn Coronado Interis, MPHI was fortunate to work with several faculty as a graduate research assistant, which allowed me to apply what I learned in the classroom and was valuable work experience that helped me secure jobs after I left UAB. At my current position, I constantly use skills gained in the program, from analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to select state priorities and develop action plans for Title V block grant reporting; to working with partners to develop, implement, and evaluate programs; to identifying and promoting evidence-based initiatives that will better serve our populations. So even beyond the subject matter expertise gained in the program, all the biostatistics and methodology courses, all the writing, the presentations and so on have been invaluable and have absolutely prepared me for working in PH. I can honestly say that I’m very satisfied with the education I received at UAB.

Evelyn Coronado Interis, MPH
CoE Trainee, 2011-2013

From the start of my MPH program I knew I wanted to work at the state level, and that is exactly where I am! I must add that after my initial phone interview for the FIMR position, they quickly called and requested that I come to visit their Department. At that meeting, they informed me that they were really impressed with my knowledge of the MCH field and public health in general. I want to thank each of you for the critical role that you played in preparing me for this position. Your help came in the form of class lectures, internship recommendations, assignment critiques, support to obtain funding for conferences, general advice, etc. I could go on and on about the different ways that you all affected my education! I hope that my strides in MCH continue to make our department proud!

Breana Lipscomb, MPH

Being a part of the Maternal and Child Health Training Grant in the Department of Health Care Organization and Policy in the School of Public Health has been an amazing experience. The program has provided some very fulfilling opportunities and strengthened my connection with UAB and its community. The MCH training grant has allowed me to explore myriad campus activities and establish valuable networks in my field. As an online student, the MCH training grant program has provided an outlet to facilitate meaningful relationships and the feeling of an on-campus experience.

Anna Layton, BA
CoE MPH/MSW Trainee, 2015-Present